“International Business Conference 2017: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” provides an international platform for the exchange of leading-edge ideas and research findings on the key driving forces of business: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.  Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are highly intertwined concepts in a high-growth business discourse and successful business cases. Creativity is the starting point for innovation since all innovation begins with creative ideas. In turn, innovation is the process that transforms new creative ideas into a new value, so it is the process through which an entrepreneur turns creative ideas into new market opportunities. The concept of entrepreneurship infers the continuous generation of creativity and innovation for gaining a competitive advantage, and even opening new untapped markets. In this respect, this Conference seeks to represent different emerging approaches related to the concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in different business sectors and fields as the key driving forces for the business of today and tomorrow.

The Conference is an annual event organized and hosted by the Faculty of Business Management at Vilniaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania. Last year the Faculty organized an outstanding “International Business Conference 2016: Searching for Innovative and Creative Business Solutions”. Over 40 Conference presenters from all over the world came together to Vilnius to present the most leading-edge insights and scholarly discussions related to innovative and creativity-driven business solutions. The Conference proved to be an important international networking event, and created an international platform for the exchange of ideas and research findings on contemporary issues and trends facing the rapidly changing global business environments.