“International Business Conference 2017: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” welcomes proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to the conference discourse, and invites theoretical, conceptual, empirical, managerial, case-study or methodological research perspectives along the following five thematic tracks:


  Track 1: Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in international business:
  • The role of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for the international business growth and successful case studies;
  • International business management and emerging business models;
  • International business trends and future foresight;
  • New developments and practices in different business sectors;
  • Different aspects of international business and their developments: E-commerce and e-business, business information systems, global value chains and logistics, etc.


  Track 2: New approaches in innovation and creativity management:
  • Emergence of new innovation and creativity-driven concepts and approaches;
  • New perspectives in innovation and creativity management;
  • Development of a creative organization and a creative individual;
  • New developments in creative thinking techniques: ideation, brainstorming, etc.;
  • New trends and case studies in innovation and creativity management.


  Track 3: Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education:
  • New developments in building curriculum and academic initiatives for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Different approaches to promote and advance student creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship;
  • The development of a creative university;
  • New approaches in creative teaching methods, platforms and techniques;
  • New trends in international business education.


  Track 4: Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in creative industries:
  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in different creative industries: design, fashion, music, architecture, IT, performing arts, video games, etc.
  • New developments in the creative economy;
  • New case studies in creative start-ups and other entrepreneurial ventures;
  • The role of digital possibilities for advancing creative industries;
  • New trends and approaches in different creative industries.


  Track 5: Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development:
  • Different innovation and creativity-inspired approaches to business sustainability;
  • Different models and case studies in social innovation;
  • New developments in social entrepreneurship;
  • New concepts, trends and business models for business sustainability and corporate social responsibility;
  • New approaches and case studies in sustainable development discourse.


  Track 6: Creativity and innovation as the driving forces in marketing, branding, public relations and advertising:
  • New trends and approaches in marketing, branding, public relations and advertising;
  • Creative and innovative business communication management;
  • New developments in social media and other emerging media platforms;
  • New consumer studies and the impact of new consumption patterns;
  • New approaches and case studies in marketing, branding, public relations, and advertising.


  Track 7: Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in hospitality and tourism:
  • Different innovation and creativity-inspired approaches to hospitality and tourism;
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in hospitality and tourism sectors;
  • Innovative tourism product development;
  • Creative destination marketing and branding;
  • New trends and innovative case studies in hospitality and tourism.


Key dates for abstract / paper submission:

Submission of abstracts (or full papers): till November 30, 2016.
Notification of abstract or full paper acceptance: December 14, 2016.
Submission of full papers (who submitted only abstracts): February 1, 2017.
Notification of full paper acceptance: February 15, 2017.
Registration payments for Conference presenters are due till February 27, 2017.
Conference Program Announcement: March 7, 2017.
Conference date: April 24 – 25, 2017.

All submissions undergo double-blind peer review.

For abstract and paper submission, please follow the link:





All Conference papers and posters will be published online as reviewed conference proceedings in a publication “Proceedings of the International Business Conference 2017: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” with an ISBN reference number and an online link. Selected papers will be also published in the international, peer-reviewed research Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation (abbr. Journal CBI, ISSN 2351 – 6186, The Journal seeks to represent the most leading-edge ideas, insights and research findings related to creativity and business innovation, and their impact on business development, management and entrepreneurship.